Game-industrie kijkt terug op #PlayApartTogether campagne

De game-industrie kijkt terug op de #PlayApartTogether campagne en zet deze voort. De campagne, die een jaar geleden werd geïnitieerd, is gericht op het aanmoedigen van videogamers om zich aan de coronarichtlijnen van de WHO te houden. Dit initiatief werd wereldwijd gesteund door organisaties uit de game-industrie.

Lees het volledige persbericht, waarin deelnemende organisaties terugblikken, hieronder of download deze hier.

Campaign Encourages Players to Follow Health and Safety Guidelines for COVID-19 from the World Health Organization; Provides Information and Social Connection

Today, leaders from the global games industry who participated in #PlayApartTogether committed to reactivate the initiative launched one year ago, which encourages gamers everywhere to follow the WHO’s health advice on COVID-19 prevention.

As part of #PlayApartTogether, a large number of gaming companies agreed to disseminate evidence-based health messages from WHO to help slow the spread of COVID-19. To promote these messages, hundreds of game industry leaders in the interactive entertainment space have encouraged their vast network of users to follow the WHO’s health guidelines—including on physical distancing, masks, hand and respiratory hygiene, how to keep rooms well ventilated and avoiding crowds.

Since the initial kickoff of the campaign, #PlayApartTogether has been adopted by platforms and organizations across the breadth of the digital entertainment space, including mobile, console and PC game makers, hardware, platforms, eSports, streamers, universities, non-profits and consumer advocacy groups. This hashtag has been seen by gamers around the world, during the pandemic, in countries including Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the Netherlands, Russia, UK and the USA.

WHO has served as the leading international health agency spearheading the global response to the coronavirus outbreak and has prioritized keeping people informed through equitable access to trusted information. As information on the virus, as well as diagnostics, treatments and vaccines are developed and used around the world, WHO continues to provide essential guidance and public health recommendations to governments, communities and individuals everywhere, including through new and wide-reaching communication channels.

By bringing special events, exclusives, activities, rewards and inspiration to some of the most popular games in the world, #PlayApartTogether encourages users to adopt best practices of protection from COVID-19 transmission for the sake of their own health and that of their families and communities. By incorporating COVID-19 prevention messages into games, people everywhere are told: “Wherever you are, whatever game you play, you can make a difference.”

Follow the hashtag #PlayApartTogether on social media for ongoing updates and details.

#PlayApartTogether Game Industry Partners (ISFE members): 

  • Activision Blizzard
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Ubisoft
  • Riot Games (ISFE Esports member)

#PlayApartTogether Game Industry Partner Quotes:

“The COVID-19 pandemic changed our day-to-day lives dramatically these days. Of course, food and medical care are essential for sustenance and life, but entertainment is also an essential requirement for keeping up our spirits. We are glad that our offer for free copies of PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 last April and Little Nightmares this January contributed to #PlayApartTogether and helped people with social distancing while keeping households entertained.” 
Yasuo Miyakawa, President & CEO, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

“Ubisoft is proud to have participated in the #PlayTogetherApart initiative, during which we saw more than 9 million players redeem giveaways of some of our most beloved titles. This unprecedented period has shown what a positive impact video games can have on players’ lives, offering people around the world not just a source of entertainment and escape, but also a means to stay connected with friends and family.”